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Hans Steinberg

For a very long time I hesitated to get a smartphone because I was worried about the harmful radio waves, but then my kids told me about Waveex. After carefully reading the website and the studies on

Jane Greenwood

I cannot get my teenage daughter off her phone – she always has it on her, always texting, always calling. She would not listen to my arguments about the impact on health it has. At least I could ge

Laurent Moreau

I am a Private Assistant, and some days it feels that my phone does not leave my ear. After long days I noticed slight headaches. At the beginning I thought it was just because of being tired, but the

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Single pack 1PCS WAVEEX 19.99 €
(English) Family pack 5PCS WAVEEX 58.00 €
(English) Business pack 20PCS WAVEEX 95.00 €
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