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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes WAVEEX different from other “health chips” for cell phones?

Other chips primarily aim to reduce the legally defined SAR levels. However, these Specific Absorption Rate levels only protect our bodies against the influence of high-frequency radiation.
Unlike other chips, WAVEEX technology expands this protection to a biological level by positively changing the low-frequency electromagnetic fields that are formed when using mobile devices.

Can the effectiveness of WAVEEX be measured?

Our organisms are extremely complex, and it is challenging to measure any direct influences. We are currently creating a measuring device that will distinguish WAVEEX from other chips, but any scientifically relevant statements in this regard will require lab testing. We are working on a solution!

How does WAVEEX work with phone calls?

Phone calls create a low-frequency electromagnetic field around the cell phone. However, the levels of this field are inconsistent and contains gradients – gaps and peaks. Our bodies are irritated by abrupt changes in the electromagnetic field, whereas smooth progressions are harmonious and easy to tolerate. WAVEEX breaks these peaks down into smooth progressions, making the EMF tolerable for our bio-organisms.

What is inside the WAVEEX chip?

WAVEEX chips have several layers. The interior layers have EMF gradient-smoothing circuits, compatible with ultra-low frequency range (0–30 Hz). The exterior layer of the chip is made of plastic.

Which technology is WAVEEX useful for?

WAVEEX has been successfully tested with mobile phones and smartphones, cordless phones, tablets, even wireless routers. Although not tested, we assume that the same positive effects can be detected with all other battery-driven mobile devices, as well as with external transformer (with DC) powered devices (e.g. notebooks, laptops, wireless routers, baby monitor base stations, and more). The chip will not work with WLAN devices that have a direct 230-volt connection.

Does WAVEEX have a CE certification?

Yes, WAVEEX chip for mobile devices is certified (2011/65/EU (RoHS) certification).

Does WAVEEX have a date of expiration?

No, in theory WAVEEX never expires, lasting forever. Current data at our disposal show that 5-year-old WAVEEX chips are still fully effective.

Are WAVEEX effects scientifically verified?

Yes, the positive effect of WAVEEX has been verified with numerous scientific and medical studies. The latest measurements have been monitored, verified and certified by BUREAU.

How does the use of WAVEEX impact the blood?

Healthy blood contains individual, clearly recognisable blood cells that are covered by a thin film of water.
After a ten-minute exposure to a cell-phone call with a mobile device without WAVEEX, changes in the blood profile appear – the structure of the film of water around the blood cells is destroyed, and the blood cells stick together. WAVEEX levels out the external electromagnetic field gradients, preventing them from having direct impact on dipolar molecules (incl. water).

How do the magnetic field gradients impact water (with and without WAVEEX)?

Water has a beautiful crystal-like structure. Test results have shown that the gradients of an active cell phone* destroy the water structure. When the same test was performed with WAVEEX, the water structure stayed nearly intact.
(*Note that cell phones are active even when no phone calls are made due to the constant synchronisation with the transmission towers.)

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