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Mobile sticker chip

Protects body against harmful radiation of mobile devices

  • Scientifically & medically proven
  • Suitable with any electronic device
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Why trust Waveex
230 international scientists from 41 countries appeal to WHO for call protection from EMF radiation check
Certified WAVEEX chip for balancing the effects of a magnetic field check
Made in Austria in cooperation with Haesermann and Vital Energy check
How WAVEEX works

Electromagnetic field gradients cause body stress such as headache, insomnia, fatigue, vexation and bad mood. WAVEEX levels out these gradients without affecting the quality of the radio frequency and simulates a flat, natural magnetic field. As a result, the magnetite crystals are not irritated anymore. The hormone and protein production gets back to normal, the DNA shield is built up again, and the proteins start to repair the damaged DNA, normalising the stress level.

Without Waveex
Small chip that makes a big difference
Measurements With and without WAVEEX
How WAVEEX protects the crystal structure of water

Healthy water is characterised by a hexagonal structure. E-smog, which is caused by mobile phones without WAVEEX, destroys the structure of water.
However, when the same test was conducted using a mobile phone with WAVEEX, crystal structure of water remained intact and protected.

Structure of water (before the mobile phone call)

Destroyed structure of water (mobile phone call without WAVEEX)

Protected structure of water
(mobile phone call with WAVEEX)

How WAVEEX produces positive effects on human blood

Blood cell count examinations provide information on the negative impacts of mobile phone radiation. Healthy blood is characterised by single and clearly visible blood cells. Tests that were conducted after a 10-minute telephone call without WAVEEX showed modifications in the blood count (a modified hematopoietic): the blood cells stuck together.

Healthy blood

Abnormal blood (modified hematopoietic) after using a mobile telephone without WAVEEX

Almost healthy blood after using mobile telephone with WAVEEX

The WAVEEX technology

WAVEEX for mobile devices is a composite chip of seven superposed layers, plastic on the outside, with five layers of silver ink printed circuits on the inside, which, when exposed to electromagnetic waves, weaken the passing harmful radiation and balance it with the magnetic field of your body.
Unique technology that makes mobile communication easier to tolerate for our bodies.

Hans Steinberg

For a very long time I hesitated to get a smartphone because I was worried about the harmful radio waves, but then my kids told me about Waveex. After carefully reading the website and the studies on

Jane Greenwood

I cannot get my teenage daughter off her phone – she always has it on her, always texting, always calling. She would not listen to my arguments about the impact on health it has. At least I could ge

Laurent Moreau

I am a Private Assistant, and some days it feels that my phone does not leave my ear. After long days I noticed slight headaches. At the beginning I thought it was just because of being tired, but the

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